Gambling License In Curacao

Do not just take vacations to curacao, acquire your Gambling license in Curacao and do business there too.

Gambling license in Curacao- the Lesser antilles island in the southern caribbean Sea.

There are several accounts of how the country of Curacao came about its name and none of them is less relevant to the subject of this article. Curacao is a portuguese word that could mean “heart” or “healing”. It is believed that the name is owed to either the abundance of tropical fruits that healed stranded portuguese sailors of ailments like scurvy or because it was the main centre of trade. For most people, islands like Curacao is where the rich go to spend hard earned money. However, if you are in the gambling/finance industry, you know these havens are also where the money is made.

Acquiring a Gambling License in Curacao – How It Works!

There are two kinds of gambling licenses in Curacao – Master and Sub-licenses. The ministry of justice does not issue Master licenses to private entities any longer. However, holders of Master licenses can sub-license their right to applicants with tailored requirements for licensees, as a viable alternative.

Benefits of a Curacao Gambling license

Arguably one of the most affordable options on the market currently. The Pros of a gambling licence in Curacao include:

  • Non- capital intensive procedure and license maintenance. Holding a local operation office in Curacao is non-mandatory, along with that goes the numerous and tedious bureaucratic requirements that make up the disadvantages of other jurisdcitions in gambling licensing.
  • The license typically covers all kinds of e-gaming, including but not limited to online casinos, sports betting, games of skill and chance, lottery etc.
  • Tax benefits (only for e-Zone companies)
  • Continous compliance supervision by the licensor
  • Possibility to obtain IT infrastructure and hosting support from the licensor

Procedure and requirements (for license and company)

As per standard KYC requirements.

For the company:

  1. Attested passport copies of all directors and shareholders
  2. Attested address proof of all directors and shareholders. Can be utility bills or bank statements.
  3. Apostilled police clearance certificate (not older than 3 months)
Note: All the documents that are not originally in English must be submitted with notarized translation to English.

For the license:

  1. Description of games to be offered (Business plan)
  2. List of target jurisdictions
  3. Proof of domain ownership
  4. Host server location
  5. Copy of the agreement with software provider

Note: The list of documents and information is not exhaustive. The licensor may request additional details to be provided upon its own discretion.


  1. Upon receipt of the aforementioned required documents, we proceed with incorporation of an e-Zone company.
  2. We prepare and submit the application, detailing the services intended to be provided.
  3. Upon receipt of the pre-approval, the licensor establishes relevant one-time fees, as well as detailed instructions to be fulfilled to receive the license and start operating. It is necessary to ensure that registered and approved services are constantly compliant with the requirements of the licensor.

Geneva Roth – Our services

In addition to the professional services listed above, our offer includes providing:

  • IT infrastructure and hosting support
  • Includes notary expenses
  • Includes courier delivery of the documents
  • Providing payment solution for Curacao licensed entity

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    FAQ Related to Obtaining a Gambling License in Curacao.

    What type of license is granted?

    Private entities get a sub-license under a Master-license issued by the ministry of Justice to non-private entities.

    Is it mandatory to have a local operational office in Curacao?

    No. However, it is required to have a registered office. It is also required to have a secretary/resident agent.

    How long does it take to incorporate a company and obtain the license?

    Incorporation of the company typically takes 7 days.

    Obtaining the license usually takes about 2 months.

    Opening a bank account takes between 3-4 weeks.

    What are the tax details of gambling licensed in Curacao?

    0% tax out of total revenue from bets

    Corporate income tax – 2%

    No Value Added Tax, sales tax, or duty on imports.

    Is there confidentiality on business owner data?

    Only the shareholder and directorate information is part of public record. The business owner’s details may only be disclosed to tax authorities.