Company Registration in Hong Kong

Due to its extraordinary reputation and unique approach to taxes, Hong Kong is a desirable destination for limited company formations.

Hong Kong wouldn’t initially come to mind when considering an offshore company formation. There are, however, 2 reasons that a company registration in Hong Kong has become advantageous for business owners. First, due to its positive reputation in Asia and around the world, businesses prefer a Hong Kong incorporation over an traditional offshore registration. Secondly, unlike all other Asian countries/regions, tax treatment in Hong Kong is far more favorable.

How To Set Up a Limited Company in Hong Kong?

  • First, our team will ensure that your desired entity name isn’t already taken
  • Once the name has been confirmed, we will then prepare all required registration forms and required documentation
  • After the company has been successfully registered, we’ll have the official documents sent via courier to your address
  • In addition to the company formation, we can also assist your business in establishing a bank account

Hong Kong Offshore Company Advantages

  • When compared to other regions in Asia, Hong Kong has the most favorable tax regime
  • An excellent incorporation choice for consulting firms
  • The ideal jurisdiction for any company that does business with China

Geneva Roth – Your Partner For Hong Kong Company Incorporation Services

Geneva Roth offers a complete solution for the establishment of company in Hong Kong. Due to our professionalism and industry expertise, we are the best partner for global business incorporation and bank account set ups.  To start the application process, contact us today!

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    Hong Kong Company Set Up Services FAQ

    How long does the formation of a Hong Kong company take?

    The complete turn around time for the company registration in Hong Kong is estimated at 5 – 7 business days. Bear in mind that this is dependent upon how quickly our team receives all required documentation.

    Do you also offer financial licenses in Asia?

    Yes, in addition to company formation services and bank account set ups, we can also assist your business in obtaining a financial license. Geneva Roth has years of financial industry experience, specializing in licenses across a variety of global jurisdictions.

    How do taxes/annual fees work for a Hong Kong company set up?

    Hong Kong is a desirable region because any income earned outside of the country is not taxed. This does mean, though that one must pay taxes for any revenue generated within Hong Kong. Additionally, all Hong Kong registered businesses must pay an annual government fee.

    What are the requirements for a company formation in Hong Kong?

    When registering an HK company, you will need to provide us the desired entity name. Additionally, we’ll need to have the general verification documents of each shareholder/director. Finally, additional documentation may be needed based on the type of business entity you wish to form.

    Is Geneva Roth also able to assist with a bank account?

    Geneva Roth can also assist your business in establishing a bank account for your Hong Kong company. To discuss the specific pricing and process, feel free to contact us.