Georgia Tax Free Zone

Georgia Free Zone (FIZ) is the perfect choice for international businesses focused on foreign clients.

Register your company in a Free Zone and enjoy a plethora of tax privileges and pro-business benefits. Free Zones (or Virtual Zones) are special economic zones set up to provide tax-free and free customs duty benefits to business entities.

Free Zones in Georgia operate under a set of laws and rules which ensures some regulatory incentives for the registered companies. For instance, a company that has been incorporated in Georgia Free Zone is permanently exempt from all the corporate taxes including VAT, import duties, and withholding tax on dividends. This makes Georgia very attractive for doing business internationally.

Advantages offered by Georgia Tax Free Zones

  • Corporate tax is 0% in Free Zones for trading businesses (including international trade)
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • No restrictions on the number and nationality of the shareholders and directors.
  • Companies operating in Georgia Free Zones have the capacity and privileges of an ordinary mainland company and no anti-offshore measures are taken against them.
  • Georgia has taxation treaties with over 53 countries to ensure the avoidance of double taxation of foreign investors.
  • 100% foreign ownership allowed.
  • No foreign currency restrictions
  • No labor restrictions
  • No obligation to administer personal income tax of employees
  • State of the art infrastructure

Where Are The Georgia Tax Free Zones Located?

Georgia has four free zones: two of them are located in Kutaisi; one is in Poti and one in Tbilisi. Tbilisi’s free zone is arguably the best one given its valuable strategic location, reliable infrastructure, competitive labor, low taxes, zero corruption, and stable banking infrastructure. Tbilisi also boasts one of the largest data centers located in the country making it highly popular with the crypto mining community. Also, this free zone does not need a company to have a physical office space. One can simply opt for a virtual office. Hualing Kutaisi Free Zone is popular with trading and manufacturing enterprises. It offers the most competitive prices on licenses as well as flexible conditions for company registration and licensing. Poti Free Zones has a specialization for large industrial projects.

How to Register a Company in Georgia Tax Free Zones?

Registering a company in Georgia Free Zone (FIZ) involves filling an application form. One must also provide passport copies of the Beneficiary or Director of the company. It takes 2-4 days for the company registration process to be finalized. Sometimes applications get approved in one working day. The next steps after that include opening a corporate bank account and applying for the appropriate license according to your company’s business activity.

Ready Made Georgia Tax Free Zone Company

A fully incorporated company in Georgia free zones is the dream for any businessman or investor since the country has earned its reputation as an attractive hub for structuring an international business. We have a plethora of ready to trade Georgia Free Zone companies, available for you to acquire and begin trading as soon the transfer of ownership is complete.

Order an established company in Georgia today and start your business.