How To Start A Hamriyah Free Zone Company

Freezone Business Setup In Sharjah

The majority of people think of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, or even Abu Dhabi. They seldom thought or have aware of Sharjah. In terms of culture and life, Sharjah is a more conservative Emirate. It isn’t as large as Dubai or Abu Dhabi, but Sharjah has great advantages. It’s also a perfect place to start up your own company and an alternative to Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s high costs. People who want to start a trading company or even a technical consultancy in Sharjah also set up.

Hamriyah Free Zone Trade License

Many Expats chose to open their companies in a Free Zone to be 100% owned and operated by their family. One of the best and cheapest choices in the UAE is the Hamriyah free region. The free area is primarily built for the steel, fragrances, timber, marine, petrochemicals, and oil & gas industries. In the Hamriyah Free Zone, you can receive a five-business foreign exchange permit for 25,000 AED and it will also offer you four visa awards. The operation must not be in a related area and can vary greatly. For example, we have only helped our customers develop their licenses in the free zone of Hamriyah and this helps them to trade in vegetables, construction materials, petroleum goods, chemicals, and furniture. Both these papers can be exchanged for only 25,000 AED under one license only. A technical company license such as management, communications, and information technology can also be purchased at the same fee. Note that you must have a recognized university degree if you wish to start a technical consultancy.

Hamriyah Freezone Corporation

The rental for a 10m2 of office room that is close to a virtual office is included in the license fee. Many more free places charge different license and office rental fees, and this could raise the budget considerably. It’s very appealing to many customers to have a small office and 25,000 AED license. Naturally, this alternative is available if the company requires a bigger office room. The Hamriyah Free Zone can also build your own warehouse with warehouses for leasing. There are few free areas in the UAE that encourage you to develop yourself and this is yet another perfect example of how the Free Zone of Hamriyah provides consumers with choices and versatility.

Business Strategy – Beginning in Hamriyah, Free Zone of Sharjah

It is not a complicated process to start a company in the free zone of Hamriyah. In reality, in as little as two working days you can get your card. Your first step is to create numerous business concepts to decide which form of organization you want to begin. You may have a clear subject in which you are involved, go to school, or have been educated, but at the end of the day, you want to pick an idea you think you’d excel with. After you know what you want to do, you have to create a business plan, and maybe this is the most crucial move to start a company. A successful business strategy requires time to create and provides the organization with the mission, what industry you are trying to pursue, how you expect to succeed, and how you aim to accomplish the objectives. The strategy shall define your actions, the expected income of your corporation, and the return on investment by investors. A big part of the strategy is a market analysis where you can find out what you need to know about your specific interest sector, including the costs of opening your shop and review the progress of your rivals. When you know about the competition, how you plan to excel would be easier to decide. Writing a decent business strategy is not a straightforward feat and you shouldn’t panic if you’re not confident how to do it, so you’re having a ton of support. You can either visit a friend who knows about business plans or you can now check the Internet for the most common alternative. You can discover several pages of valuable information when looking for ‘business strategy,’ the best part of which is free of charge. As I said previously, a business strategy is one of the most crucial things to start up an organization and to spend time and money.


And it takes all. Sound straightforward? It’s because you know what you do. It can be a daunting task to start a company in the UAE, like elsewhere in the world. It is also very knowledgeable to enter into a Company Setup Consultancy company that has the expertise and understands the method of setting up companies in the UAE. Also, PRO (public relations officer) services are offered by the consultancy to advise and direct you through each point of the process. The PRO will send all paperwork to the free zone that will spare you the ride and the PRO will take the tourist to the free zone offices when it is time to finally sign for the license. If you want the facility, a consultant can also help you receive residency visas. Most citizens in the United African States know how difficult government institutions can be, meaning that anyone with experience can save you not only time but tension as well.